Planets & Energies Affecting Tarot Readings & Interpretations

I’m sooo overdue for a Tarot reconciliation (Tarot diaries and readings vs life and global events review etc), so much so that I’m feeling scattered. I’m spouting Tarot experiences without reference, and although the experiences have definitely occurred, and my intuition kicks in confidently when relied upon, knowing the information lies somewhere in my brain, I have not logically patterned these Tarot events and experiences, hence I’m not comfortable sighting these as a reader.

This probably doesn’t make much sense outside of the Tarot community, basically the past, present, and future compile to help us in the present moment, the now: these have all happened spiritually for me Tarot wise, but I have not logically gone through these, and made them part of my literal thinking yet, they are submerged in my subconscious, and whilst I still trust these culminations, the logical me (me in this 3D world), must investigate… Additionally, I am unable to teach or advise about Tarot using my subconscious, or my intuition, so all new internal Tarot insights must be made conscious in order to relay this information logically and orderly to others.

As a reader, the energies at play at any given moment in time (planets, and most especially moon phases etc), in addition to the querants energy (i.e. the individual you are Tarot reading for, possibly this individual is sitting across from you in a traditional Tarot reading) play an ENORMOUS part and tremendously effect how a reader will interpret the Tarot cards in that reading at that time.

When I look back at previous cards and their interplay, I have such different thoughts as the interpretation of those cards I gave, it’s unbelievable. But I must remember energies… The energies of the planets, those around me, heck, just the weather on that day effect ALL Tarot readings.

I’m glad of my 24hr non-tamper rule, because it clearly shows the energies at play, when the cards were pulled, for that date, and for the environment I was in.

As this is my online Tarot Diary I’m going to have to swoop in and with hindsight, write separately about what I believe to be actually happening at that time, and must be ‘starred’ in my Tarot diary in order to ‘Tarot reconcile’.

Unfortunately, I am greatly influenced externally energy wise, this can hinder my intuition, and my connection to Source energy (working on this, not so prominent now) . It is through maintaining Tarot Diaries, and reviewing where these external energies have hindered my readings, that I have been able to identify and overcome energies that hinder my connection to Source Energy. So although I sometimes feel a bit scattered, and overwhelmed by the extensive work that is involved in maintaining one’s Tarot history, and then reconciling all that information, the importance of doing that work cannot be emphasised enough! Lol and I have the many, many floppy eared Tarot Diaries, and disorganised papered chaos to show for all that Tarot recordings and efforts over the also many, many years.


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